What’s a Man to do when His Heart Can’t Take No More?

He goes and gets it fixed…

Today is one of those days that you both, look forward to and dread at the same time, but I had a little talk with Jesus and he said I had too much unfinished business to step off right now. I've been looking for some closure or at least answers to issues I've had surrounding my heart for the last couple of years and increasingly in the last few months. That day has finally arrived and I'm on my way to have a procedure or two done that will hopefully bring some comfort to my chest cavity and ensure a long life of being Teef. I plan to be on the mend for a few days, but I think I'm put together a few things to hold you over until I return on the other side of this thing.

You let somebody tell it, I'm going to finally fix my broken heart, I kinda like that. I'm on a bit of a fast, so I'm hungry and thirsty, only thing I can have to drink is the water I swallow while brushing my teeth. I would say I'm nervous, but someone may pinch me, but I am finally ready to get some progress on this thing.

I'll be extremely low in the coming days, no phone calls, texts, BBMs, Facebook, tweets, e-mails or drive-bys as I'll be getting my thing together at an undisclosed location. Thank you in advance for the well wishes and prayers, I need them all, but I'm gonna throw up these two fingers and tip on out the door. I'll see ya when I see ya.


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