Didn’t You Almost Have it All?

Just a few years ago it seemed like Eva Mendes was destined to become an A-List actress. She had star turns opposite Denzel Washington and Will Smith, top billing alongside Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix in We Own the Night, climbed Maxim's list of hot women and then she was off the scene. What happened? My guess is cocaine is a helluva drug! I'm not sure cocaine was her drug of choice, but something led her to rehab in January of 2008 after a yearlong battle and her career has yet to recover.

After a successful stint in rehab she's back in The Other Guys with Will Ferrell and Wahlberg, but I didn't see her in the trailers and haven't heard much of her appearance, so I'm led to believe the role is a bit small. Bad enough work for minority actresses is slim, there's no room for anyone to go out getting hooked on stuff and thinking the phone will immediately start ringing once you're clean. Trust me, Eva found actresses like Sofia Vegara or Zoe Saldana were not holding her place when she stepped out of line to get herself together and now has to scratch, claw and maybe a few other things to get consistent, good work in Hollywood again.

We've seen plenty of people bounce back from addiction, touching kids, bad plastic surgery, so my money is on Eva to rebound like Dennis Rodman…I just hope not with the Worm. It seems like she's trying to rebuild her profile with a prank plugging a "sex tape" that made it's rounds through the internet earlier this month, but that may be what she needs to bring the light back to her, a sex tape! Hell, it's worked for Montana Fishburne!

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