Come Hell or 100 Million Dollars

"I went through hell"
That's what Elin Woods or Elin Nordegren, whatever the huzzy wants to call herself told People magazine in her first interview since the ordeal with now ex-husband Tiger Woods broke out after all the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner were gone. She claims she was completely oblivious to Tiger's indiscretions, just lived all hunky dory and spent his money while he tricked off $30, $40,000 with those sack chasers here and there. Trick please! You knew he was getting his swerve on with a golf course full of chicks, but as long as your momma, friends and the world didn't know, it didn't matter because you had access to nearly a billion dollar empire.

But whatever went down that night changed everything, has destroyed Tiger's game, but left Elin with at least $100 million. My guess is that one of his bust-it babies wanted him to pour cranberry sauce all over her and Elin intercepted the message or Tiger fell asleep without locking his phone (tighten up playa), but a golf club through a car window was probably preceded by a right cross. She denies both, but you and I know what's going on!

Tiger's taking a beating publicly and rightfully so, but Elin has been pristine through all of this, but someone has to ask, what drove Tiger outside of his marriage? We don't know what type of woman she is. She could be the biggest nag in the world. Verbally abusive. Unsupportive. Manipulative. And for all we know, she was denying Tiger the one thing he apparently needs to keep his stroke tight…keeping his stroke tight! The man has gone to rehab and come out a completely changed man on the links, he appears timid, afraid, more house cat than a Tiger.

He's struggling and she's jet-setting, shopping, leaving big tips. Lest not forget she was changing diapers for some nondescript golfer when Tiger figured her for a freak and wifed out. Now he's a couple stack short, with two kids, a bad putter (no pun intended) and a decreased libido. What such hell? A little embarrassment, but who would notice her getting a pedicure? She has two kids by a man with more money than he can spend and she's getting a huge amount because he got caught creepin'. I'd trade a slice of that hell for the pie in the sky people chase in a New York minute!

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