Finding Stillwater: A Summer’s Journey to Good Music

My sister doesn't realize that no matter what she does, not only am I proud of her, but I'm watching as well. Here's a post from her website

Finding Stillwater: A Summer’s Journey to Good Music

The story behind the quest…

The greatest memories of my childhood stars ME, as the little sister who would sit on my kitchen floor in front of our refrigerator after school and listen to my older brother play his music outside of his door. I never could quite make out what was being said, but whatever it was, I remember being quickly drawn to it. Something vibrating through the cracks under his closed door. Bass that shook the house when our parents weren’t home. Verses that painted themselves on the walls of our humble two-family house.

I had the privilege of having a big brother whose adolescence took place in the heart of the 90’s, one of hip-hop’s golden eras. On any given day, I’d be engulfed in soulful sounds off Reasonable Doubt, thug poetry off All Eyez on Me, and street jazz from The Low End Theory. Before I mastered the mechanics of my right and left, I knew The 10 Crack Commandments better than your neighborhood street pharmacist, had Luchini dreams, and was down with the Wu like I was straight out of Shaolin.


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