What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

Put any group of guys together and for at least five minutes, the conversation will turn to women. Yeah, that's it, five minutes. We don't spend a whole lot of time examining the intricacies of you all, trying to give each other dating advice, consoling broken hearts or talking about how jacked up women are, we have bigger fish to fry…like our fantasy football drafts. But when the conversation does happen to turn to women or relationships, it's usually one guy who's going through it that needs to vent, because that's what we do, we vent. We get the nonsense off of our chest, take a few jokes and move on, none of claim to be experts and none of us want to hear expert opinions.

However, break that group down to a two-piece and you may get a conversation that lasts about twenty minutes that ranges from meeting a new woman to how this current chick is driving him up the walls. Even under these circumstances, advice is kept to a minimum, even responses are measured. That's because what we talk about when we talk about love doesn't have to stretch from the length of the drive from New York to Baltimore, we can get it all out in one line that sums it all up, "Man, what you gonna do?".

"Man, what you gonna do?" is the question that fits every situation when men are talking about relationships; from meeting someone new to taking your relationship to the next level, an untimely pregnancy to that moment when she has you at your wits end, "Man, what you gonna do?" leaves a brother to ruminate on his predicament and also reminds him that the onus is on his shoulders to figure out what his next move should be.

We don't need a search party or a hen session to find answers; we can work it all out during a commercial break. I figured that I'll take the next few days to talk about different aspects of relationships strictly from a man's point of view. I'm gonna have a little fun, may hit a sore spots, but I'm gonna keep it funky for ya…

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