The Insomniacs’ Diary: Bourne Edition

There are certain movies that you should never start watching after 11pm, The Bourne Identity is definitely one of them, because next thing you know you're up watching the subsequent movies in the trilogy. When you finally finish around 4am, you realize that on the other side of sunrise is a day that offers no rest, but you're up watching car chases and shootouts. It's mornings like these that makes you want to push a snooze button on an entire day, though it's improbable, it's not impossible.

Folks across the country were excited that football was back as the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals kicked off the 2010 preseason last night. However, preseason football is not a good watch, because the starters generally play no more than one, maybe two series. I guess it was enough to satisfy the blood lust of thirsty NFL fans who tore themselves away from "True Blood" to watch the exhibition game last night. Speaking of "True Blood", what's the big deal? I'm tired of vampires and werewolves and all of that stuff!

Aside from all of that, I got bigger fish to fry these days, the bills don't stop and beans don't fry on the grill, guess I'll try to get at least two hours of sleep before I pack two weeks of work into 8 hours…

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