In Search of...Gabrielle Union (Actress)

Can someone tell me the last movie Gabrielle Union was in? I'll wait while you try to figure out if The Perfect Holiday was before Deliver Us from Eva. She had a part in Cadillac Records two years ago and then a few episodes on TV shows I don't think many people are watching. However, we see her courtside at the NBA All-Star Game, living it up on South Beach, when BET reruns Black movies all weekend and on gossip sites. And if Siohvaughn Wade had her way, we would've seen her court. Dwayne Wade's ex-wife was suing her for her relationship with her estranged baller for what she deemed improper shows of affection in front of her children. Yeah homegirl was reaching, but that's another story.

It seems Gabrielle thinks she's hit the lottery of life and doesn't have to work anymore (ask LisaRaye about that) or the fall of Black Hollywood is really affecting her. Either way, she doesn't seem to be fretting much as her man collared two new teammates with the same effectiveness as this cougar landed him. She's a full ten years older than the man Shaq called "Flash" and her resume is full of bad movies prior to when her and D-Wade started knocking boots. The internets were abuzz with rumors of her South Beach exploits before she broke up an unhappy home, so maybe that's the reason directors and film studios haven't been blowing up her Blackberry.

If I could get a word to her I'd tell her to get on someone's casting couch ASAP, because there's going to be an influx of groupies on South Beach that are damn near 20 years younger than her because there's a new King in town this year and someone is going to have to clean up all of that collateral damage LeBron leaves on Collins. Somebody get Tyler Perry on the line…

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