Am I Disappointed in America: The Lottery Ticket

I'm not sure how I feel about The Lottery Ticket. I know it looks stupid and I know I've been critical of Ice Cube recently, but it's good to see a movie with a Black ensemble cast and Tyler Perry's name not stamped all across it. The commercial says it's Friday for a new generation, which if related to hip-hop of then and now, I can see the comparison. Cube has come a long way since Friday was released and Hollywood has regressed in that time as well, so the period in which the Friday franchise was born has come and gone.

Now, we have these happy-go-lucky films that are released every once in a while, that are supposed to remind us of the days gone by. Seriously, this movie stars Bow Wow, am I really supposed to go to the movies with your cousins and 'em to see it tonight? I do hope folks go see it this weekend though, a strong showing will show there's an audience beyond your favorite movie man and hopefully create a lane for the rebirth of Black Hollywood. Yeah, I'm wishing on a star or two and I'm not disappointed in America today either, must be the meds…Burn Hollywood Burn (I'm good)!