I’m Disappointed in America: Daytime Television

I don't see how people do it. How the unemployed and those folks who choose not to work stay home day after day is beyond me. Daytime television alone is enough to make me want to get up, get out and get something. Of course those "SVU" marathons on Tuesday and the random "House" marathon has kept a brother glued to the couch on more than one occasion, but day after day after day, this will kill me. It seems like every station is following the same format; talk show. Court show. Maury, Jerry Springer or Wendy Williams (at times all three). Talk show. Court show. Maury, Jerry Springer or Wendy Williams (at times all three).

It seems as if that old daytime staple the soap opera is being phased out in favor of this type of programming. A couple of the all-time favorites have gone the way of the west and it seems as if those remaining are on their last legs. I can't remember the last time I heard someone saying they couldn't wait to see what happened on "Days of Our Lives". It is definitely time for some new blood, seriously, how long is Erica Kane gonna play musical husbands with Jackson and the rest of the gang.

But a new soap opera is like saying new 50 Cent these days, no one is checking for it. We've reached a low point in our viewing tastes (as said on this page time and time again), because we'd rather watch Maury go through DNA tests than anything with a bit of creativity. Where do they find these people who are so unsure about the paternity of their children that they have to seek Maury Povich's assistance? You really want to broadcast to the world that you're having sex with 13 guys and they got to skeet, skeet, skeet for like on the house? Have we no shame people? But I guess it's no different than the trailer trash we've been watching get it in on Jerry Springer all of these years, are these new episodes that are airing? Wendy Williams has parlayed her brand of ignorance into a television show that airs four or five times a day. I can't believe they put her plastic self on TV that many times; it should be against some sort of FCC regulation to look at someone so disgusted with herself that many times a day.

Remember back in the day there was "The People's Court", and then came "Divorce Court"? Now there's "Street Court", some cockamamie show in which people meet with a mediator and hash out their details in alleys, offices, a bar, wherever. But this comes on after twelve other courts shows that range from an angry Italian woman to no-nonsense brothers and some old White lady. All of their courts and others are filled with people hashing out petty differences for a shot at 15 seconds of fame. But you watch and I skim over and millions of dollars are generated, because millions of people are fixated on watching others live. I'm taking my ass back to work!