What Were You Thinking: Take Two of These and Call Me in the Morning

I feel like this Fantasia mess is all my fault. Well, not mine personally, but I metaphorically represent all of the heartless people that have mocked her in the moments leading up to her swallowing a bottle of pills. I represent everyone that was utterly disgusted by the idea of her nakedness leaking on the internet and finding its way to a website I cruise through a few times a day. At the same time, I'm part of that population that was totally confused by her taking the reality show route to resurrect her dormant career. Also, I'm in the large minority of people who really can't stand to her screaming passed off as singing. To go a step further, I'm still pissed that Jennifer Hudson didn't win season 3 of "American Idol". However, all of this pales to my disappointment that this grown ass woman needs to be hooked on phonics.

But none of my personal feelings go into what almost happened Monday night when Fantasia nearly took her own life. Her team can call It what they want, but there is nothing accidental about an overdose. We've spent our entire life taking two Tylenol, maybe three if we have a migraine, anything over that is just ridiculous. The story they're putting out is that she mixed aspirin and a sleep aid, why not just take a Tylenol PM? It all sounds fishy for someone who's seen the best days of her career and is caught up in the middle of a love triangle in which her man's wife is calling her out and threatening to release a sex tape.

I hope whatever demons are eating away at Fantasia are exorcised swiftly, so I can get back to business as usual with her, mad that she won the show, not liking her music, doing my best to avoid looking at her (naked or otherwise). Get well soon Fantasia!

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