Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Someone actually came to Wendy Williams' defense the other day after my "I'm Disappointed in America: Daytime Television" post. I guess I've been asleep for a few years, but it seems as if Wendy Williams has become a source of empowerment and escapism for some. Silly of me. Here I was thinking that she was just some loudmouth that fed off of the public's lust for gossip and mindless entertainment.

Her hustle and staying power is top-notch, but she's made her way on the backs of talented individuals who try do live a little thing called life. I called her brand of ignorance "particular" because it's not that Povich or Springer ignorance, but it's not the stuff that pushes the people forward. Since she left the "Top 8 at 8" on Kiss-FM, she's been seemingly obsessed with a lifestyle out of her reach and a cache of stars that she neither had comparable talent or access to. Frankly, people her listeners didn't give a damn about. But that's what she wanted and that's what she's able to do now on her television show, talk about mainstream celebrities and wish that the A-list makes their way to her space on the air. To each its own…
Also, she is very empowering to people who may be bigger than everyone else, taller, fatter, etc. Wendy is not afraid to be herself and in doing so, she makes other people feel comfortable with themselves.
Are we talking about the same Wendy Williams? I'm writing about the superficial chick that's been cut, pulled, lipoed, augmented, wears big weaves and is as shallow as a kiddie pool. Anyone that's altered their body and face in the ways she has hates themselves. I'm sorry, this woman is hard to look at, she's a shorter weave away from looking like Michael Jackson, guess that makes her LaToya. But I suppose that we're not just starved for entertainment these days, but we're famished in the area of positive role models.

I suppose she had a plus size model or two on once or twice, but what we are looking at is not a woman that is comfortable in her own skin. Maybe growin up at the Jersey shore and going to school in New England has warped her sense of identity, but she will not be high on my list of positive imagery for little Black girls, which is sad, because she's on television throughout the day (once on BET of course).

But I'm just a hater right?

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