The Curious Case of Fantasia Barrino

I was really concerned about Fantasia when I found out she tried to take herself out. That concern turned to pity when I began to look back over her life. However, that pity has morphed into shaking my damn head at this stupid ass girl! Two weeks off a suicide attempt and she's on Good Morning America and VH1 in the same day and George Lopez the next night. Hmmm, seems as if ol' girl had an album released Tuesday. The timing seems a bit odd to me, but it's got people talking and if they talk, there's a chance they will purchase. Cha ching!

Two weeks ago your peoples had you in the shower trying to keep you alive and now you're everywhere? Midway through her talk with Robin Roberts I had an epiphany. I said to myself, "Self, this heifer faking! She's desperate and trying to sell these albums before she's singing jingles!" By the time she got to VH1, I knew it was a full-blown publicity stunt and it had gone beyond desperation, it's just sad. I took three sleeping pills a week ago and I'm still napping whenever I recline, she OD'd and has gone on a media tour. When was the last time you've seen someone attempt to end their life and hit the TV before you got paid again?

She has been through so much in her life and I believe much of it has gone untreated, that an act like this wouldn't be out of the realm of the possibility, because the victim role fits her. She's been raped, abused, shoeless and reading on a third grade level, not to mention that I cringe when she speaks, because not only does she speak like a child, she sounds like a child. Girl you're way too old to be talking like a runaway slave. I'm not sure how sorry America was feeling for Negros the season she was "America Idol", but the girl can't sing and the sooner we admit that she's no Jennifer Hudson, the sooner we can celebrate some good music like Leela James' album.

What are the odds that she lands on Oprah's couch in the next couple of weeks? There was so much to talk about leading into her taking a few Tylenol PM's. There's the foreclosure, the stalled career, the married man and the alleged sex tape. Oh yeah, maybe that's what had her thinking of the end? Either way, real or make believe, it's not gonna end well for Tasia. The girl has issues and it's sad when her mama isn't equipped to help her, but the naiveté of the buying public is enabling this farce.

Say it ain't so Fantasia…

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