Act III: Here Comes the Bad Guy Again

Act I
When the calendar flipped I decided that I was going to make wholesale changes to my lifestyle, a real commitment to being a better man and I was three weeks in when my appendix decided to accelerate the process.

Act II
Emergency surgery followed by a three week recovery and the path was set. A few weeks later my heart went a little crazy and the changes weren't mere suggestions by me, but directives from my cardiologist. Gone was the caffeine, chocolate, rice, potatoes, fried foods, red meat & pork (from my other doctor) and the Level was taken off of my mantle.

A few months of that and no real change in my health, though I felt better, lost a few pounds, there were still symptoms that led me and the doctor to believe that heart failure was imminent. So, for the second time this year I went under the knife.

No blockages, a little plaque in my femoral artery, more alterations to my diet, another prescription (that makes 4), more tests and a plug in my groin, but I'm still here. So I figured while I was here, I would do what I do best, talk my sh*t! Yeah, I've been taking it pretty easy the last few months, really enjoying life, flirting with the possibilities it offers and not paying attention to the rest of the world like I'd previously done.

To be honest, most of my posts for the last few years have come under the influence of vodka, so I believed that I had been without my muse or maybe it was when I looked around I saw so many people doing exactly what I was doing, I even saw a brother with the same exact title for a similar piece.

Then the big homie said "Do what you do, can't nobody do what you do like you." I agree I said, my one-of-a-kind self, then I wrote the "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" series, went under the knife and realized that the world is my muse, so I'm headed back into the world and I'm back on my bullsh*t!

As always, everyone's fair game, especially those women out there choosing trifling dudes, then saying all dudes are trifling. You're on deck…

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