Made it Through Another 3-65, Can’t Ask for Nothing Much More

I'm not sure if I'm more excited that my direct deposit went through early or the fact that today is August 5th. Let me stop…today just happens to be my 32nd birthday and that trumps chump change any day of the week, especially payday. 32 is more stepping stone than milestone, but a stone nonetheless. The last year has brought about many changes, good and bad, but I'm here to try again this year. And I'm thankful for that opportunity to do so.

I'm also thankful for the moments my mom and dad spent together to make my one of a kind self. Though I wish she was here, I'm thankful for all of the sacrifices my mom made throughout my life. I'm thankful for Delia and Lillian for raising me. I'm thankful that my grandfather took his time to show me what a man does. i'm thankful my sister is strong enough to navigate the world on her own. I'm thankful for a family that enveloped me with nothing but love and encouragement, friends that have always supported and pushed me. I'm thankful for the friendship that bends, but never breaks.
I'm thankful that I get up and do something that I love each day and find fulfillment in it. I'm thankful for the doctor that performed the emergency appendectomy that allowed me to make it  to today and I'm thankful in advance for the doctor handling the procedure on my heart Tuesday that'll take me to 33 and beyond.

I'm thankful for Dr. Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak for bringing Phil Jackson back and surrounding Kobe Bryant with enough talent to win back-to-back NBA titles (hi haters!). I'm thankful that A-Rod finally played up to part of his $250 million contract and helped the Bronx Bombers win #27. I'm thankful that Coach K is a genius and took Duke to another title. Hmmm, my favorite teams all won championships this past year…I only associate with greatness!

I'm thankful that Erykah Badu and Maxwell released albums within the same year and that 50 Cent's album flopped. I'm thankful that Bobby Brown is clean…Mike Tyson too. I'm thankful for the good literature I've read and great films I've seen. I'm thankful for "Tremè" for season three of "The Boondocks". I'm thankful that my DVD collection allows me to give Comcast the finger and rock without cable for a few months.

I'm thankful for each of you that continue to read these words I put together on a daily basis. I'm thankful for Lee Bailey, Fatin Dantzler, Elon White, and Alissa Griffith for providing me with a platform to do something I enjoy. I'm thankful for the performers of life that give me so much to talk about; I'm not sure what I would do without you. Thankful for Facebook and Twitter. I'm thankful for my 4th Blackberry, I'm not sure what I'll do withoutit.

I'm thankful for those that have walked into my life and even thankful for those that have walked out of it. Whether you left with a smile, tears or calling me a selfish MF, I'm thankful for the time we had, but all things come to an end…good and bad.

I'm thankful that God saw fit to allow me another year to straighten up and fly right, Teef in progress. I'm thankful for that person that walked into my hospital room on January 23rd and hasn't left my side since. But most of all I'm thankful to be who I am at this place and time, I wouldn't want to be anyone or anywhere else, but in these Stan Smith Adidas about to face the world on my 32nd birthday.

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