The Calm Before the Storm

The sun is too bright, the trees too still. I'm up right on time and glad to be. I must be sick, no I'm not sick. I just spent the last two weeks recovering, the last four days immersed in beautiful weather and better music. Why am I not smiling? Oh yeah, in about 35 minutes life changes for me. About one hundred teenagers will converge on my little corner of the world and nothing will be more important than what they want at the time. Yeah, that's right, Mr. Farmer is back.

Today is the first day of the Fall 2010 semester and Superman must be in the building to answer questions, solve problems, put out fires, give fashion tips, relationship advice and be a life coach. I place many hats over my bald heads from time to time, but I enjoy what I do. Scratch that, I love what I do. There's a fulfillment that I can't explain when one of my students starts to put the pieces together and heads towards the rest of their life. Sure, there are disappointments (many of them), but there are plenty of successes as well (not enough), but neither outweigh the other and each semester I'm back to try again. Besides…they make for great comic relief.

My babies are back!

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