I’m Disappointed in America: Step Up 3D

First of all, when was there a Step Up 2? Next, who thought this was a good idea to turn into a 3D movie? Ain't no Leroy in this movie? I've never seen Step Up, don't desire to see it, but I would love to speak to the geniuses who put this crap out? Had I written this Friday I would've said that no one wanted to see this movie, but I now know that $15.5 million dollars worth of tickets were sold. Now, factor in the inflated cost of 3D tickets and I'm sure far less folks saw this movie than Salt did over the weekend, but I guess teenage White girls needed something to do since Justin Beiber wasn't in their town.

This movie wasn't made for me, but its commercials played during programming that I watch and there's a huge banner hanging in the mall, so I couldn't ignore it, even though I did ignore it. So, which one of you saw it? Were the Darren Henson dance moves coming right at you? I'm starting to think that B2K should reunite so we can get You Got Served in 3D, that would be the joint!

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