Stir Crazy

I'm on day 5 of being laid up and this is not my idea of fun. It seems as if I can't do any one thing for too long, because it aggravates the area where I'm tender. I lay, stand, walk, elevate, sit and after ten minutes I need to seek comfort in another position. However, all of that's minor in comparison to the boredom I've been dealing with throughout the week. I've read, watched movies, slept twenty minutes here and there, spent entire days on Twitter and sunk to an all-time low yesterday when I attempted to have a Tyler Perry movie marathon.

Yeah you read correctly, I attempted to spend a beautiful Saturday watching movies that I detest. It all stemmed from a conversation I had on Twitter Friday evening, but it was definitely short-lived and misguided. I fumbled my way through Diary of a Mad Black Woman, but after a bowl of Frosted Flakes, I found myself napping through Madea's Family Reunion and was forced to put in Cooley High to save my soul. But that's what it's come down to for me, trying to entertain myself by any means necessary, even if it means by watching something that I know I'm not entertained by. Comcast almost won the battle over my cable this week and with at least another week of this, I'm pretty sure they will gain a stronghold in our battle---man cannot live on broadcast TV alone.

Someone was kind enough to track down Stephanie Edwards for me, turns out homegirl was a arrested a few months back for getting into a fight in the park and is appearing in some kind of show in Savannah. Thank you, I am on the first thing smoking as soon as I can support my weight for longer than a half hour. Well, back to my high-quality chillin', I'm just hoping not to get low enough where going to see Eat Pray Love sounds like a good idea, now excuse me as I return to waiting on the Sunshine to return…

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