There's One in Every Crowd

There’s a reason I never buy cheap tickets to attend any event. That reason being, folks in the cheap seats tend to spring for tickets for their friends who don’t often get to attend, concerts, sporting events, plays, and the like. Often these are the folks who shouldn’t attend concerts, sporting events, plays and the like, because they haven’t developed the social skills to interact with folks. They do things like complain about how much the ticket cost, talk throughout the entire show, comment on the performers constantly or say stupid things like, “Why is everyone rooting for the Lakers, this is New Jersey?”

These are the same folks that take a bucket of chicken to the movies and then maintain a steady dialogue throughout the entire film, those without couth or the common sense to know when to put a lid on it, because they are ruining the experience for those around them. I’m not sure if they’re capable of understanding that people have paid good money for the event and are there to see a performance, not hear the monologue of a socially inept lunatic.

I really don’t want to hear about how good Chaka Khan was back in ’76 while I’m trying to hear Alicia Keys or hear you talking about Madea while I’m watching a Broadway show. They say we can’t pick our friends, but we damn sure can decide where we take them. You know which one of your friends is refined enough to attend an event that requires a hint of sophistication and you know who take to the hole in the wall bar in the hood, but you also know that getting them mixed up can end in disaster, either utter embarrassment or an ass kicking!

There should be some sort of assessment exam to deciding if your buddy is ready to go out in public; a few questions that will help guide your decision to take Tyrone to see Fela, because the 12 people in earshot of him will be pissed! By now, a few of you are making a list and checking it twice to decide who you can and can’t take someplace, but from here on out I’m purchasing tickets out of the price range of those who just purchase tickets and find someone to go at the last minute. So if you’re looking for me, I’ll be down front no HD, see how clear my view is?

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