The 2010 Year in Review: Blew More Money than Latrell...Oh Well!

If I take a gun to work, I'm leaving in handcuffs. If I take three guns to work, they're gonna swear I was about to go on a rampage! Well, Gilbert Arenas thought it was a good idea to store unloaded guns in his locker at the Verizon Center after his fiancé gave birth to his child. Then, he thought it was funny to play a joke on a teammate by pulling the guns out (sounds suspect). Next, he kinda makes light of the situation in interviews and tweets. Finally, following pre-game warm-ups Tuesday night, his teammates encircled him and he pointed his fingers like guns and shot them. Nigga are you getting high?!?

Bad decision after bad decision caused Gilbert to be suspended indefinitely by the NBA. NBA Commissioner David Stern deemed Arenas "not fit to play in the NBA" and I must agree with him. Agent Zero has gone from quirky to crazy in the last few days. I don't know, maybe he thought nothing was really going to happen, it will all blow over, but he really didn't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation.

Ok, I'll put it in perspective in the most simplest of terms: he's going to lose $147,200 per game and if the suspension stretches through the entire season, he'll lose $9,429,505.41. Got it now? There's thought that the Wizards may look to void his contract that pays him $16 per year, but that may be a reach.

This situation is undoubtedly going to reopen the conversation about the lawlessness of athletes, but that's not what I'm here to do. I just want to hand out the "dumb ass nigga" award to Gilbert Arenas. I understand that you're a multi-millionaire and you feel like a target. I understand that even though you "work" minutes away from the White House, you're also minutes away from some of the coldest niggas ever to put on a pair of thermals and a ski mask! I can even understand having a gun in the car, but taking a few of them into the locker room, bad move! Even worse is taking to Twitter while you're under investigation by not only the D.C. police, but the FEDS!

Poor Javaris Crittenton is nursing an injured ankle and has been on SportsCenter more than he ever has in his non-descript career, but he may be facing charges too, because Zero snitched! Somewhere within all of the stories that have come out from these "anonymous" sources is something called the truth, whatever it is, I hope it doesn't add more tents to this circus.

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