The 2010 Year in Review: I'm Disappointed in America...Jersey Shore

Just when Italian-Americans were outliving the myth that they are all members of La Cosa Nostra, here comes MTV with "Jersey Shore" to heap another helping of stereotypes upon them. I saw two cast members on Access Hollywood a few weeks back and had no clue who they were or why they had notoriety, but I was completely repulsed just watching the segment.

Thank God for MTV On Demand, I watched five minutes of one show and I saw a couple of random hookups, a fight, the term "Guido" thrown around, bad hair, slang that's both offensive and stupid (Trashbag?), extensive tanning and a bunch of dumbass nicknames ("The Situation)" are you serious?. But I guess folks are watching, because MTV recently announced that they'll be back for a second this summer. Everybody is a star!

I just have one question, are any of them from Jersey?

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