The 2010 Year in Review: Party & Bullsh!t

I was half sleep watching a game the other night when a Ciroc vodka commercial featuring part owner Diddy came on and I heard him say something that sounded like, “I believe in the culture of celebration…” I pretty much faded back to sleep after that, but that line has stuck in my head for the past few days.

I’ve been wondering, what exactly is this ‘culture of celebration’? I know it has something to do with enjoying life and all of the accoutrements you’ve earned. That’s all well and good when the celebration is of excellence. Yet, I do have a teeny weeny problem with rappers singing about having ‘money to blow’ in these tough economic times, but they’ve made it, now flaunt it…it’s the American way!

My concern is with the trickle down effect of the ‘culture of celebration’. Because you know how we do; we love to party, do it B.I.G., with no good reason at all. So, at any given time, a celebration could break out and it doesn’t always have to be in recognition of excellence. All too often the celebration is of mediocrity, ignorance, and in the face of repeated failures. Seriously, how we can we really participate in a culture of celebration when test scores prove that your children can’t read, your neighbor is in the process of losing their house and your husband just left you?

I see people stepping out to celebrate failed relationships like that’s what’s up, students that haven’t passed a class all year, hitting the club as soon as Thursday rolls around. I’m really at a loss at how short-sighted some people are and just how low their expectations are. It really bothers me to see how many folks cling to a false reality (Reality TV too), as if it’s going to help them sleep through the night or pay the bills. Maybe reality is so miserable that celebrating like it’s all good is the only thing that alleviates the ill street blues…

It’s that lack of foresight that is handed New Jersey over to Chris Christie. I refuse to be sheep or act like I live in a Hoover, where everything is good as long as it’s good in the World according to Teef. I sit on my couch and observe as the World passes by, but the World doesn’t pass me by. I pick and choose the times at which I want to participate in the goings on around me; I don’t try to dance on every set. I take the time on the couch to relax, reflect, entertain or enlighten myself, work or work on certain aspects of my life in my pursuit of excellence. But I’m sorry if all you want to do is bitch and moan until the weekend then party and bullshit..and party and bullshit!

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