The 2010 Year in Review: My Adventure with Her

There’s been one constant question through replies and conversations I had throughout the course of the year, “Who is She?” they ask. The “She” people refer to is the somewhat mythical woman that has caused me to change my life, well, that’s what “they” say. The truth is, when I decided that I wanted better for myself, better walked into my life. This entire year has been a whimsical ride through parts of me some (including me) didn’t believe existed.

“She” has been alternately referred to as “You” or “Her” in these pages, but in my life, only one name is applicable, Love. So, I spent 2010 falling in love and telling you what it looked like from the inside while still watching the world perform for me. If you thought 2010 was interesting, wait until you see what my 2011 has in store!

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