The 2010 Year in Review: Oooh, the Rev Ain't Right!

I got a few messages yesterday in reference to the sexual coercion charges filed in three separate lawsuits against Bishop Eddie Long; charges that he used his position at the head of his mega-church to engage in sexual relationships with three members of his flock. As usual, the internet went nuts went the allegations dropped and Twitter was filled with trending topics regarding the good Bishop. News travels fast these days and scandal seems to move at the speed of light, so speculation, innuendo and gossip flooded conversations from the water cooler to text messages yesterday.

At the heart of the lawsuits are accusations that Bishop Long lavished the three young men with gifts, getaways and green, before using scriptures from the Bible to explain away homosexual acts that followed. True it’s shady, but if a guy gives you expensive gifts, drops a few twenties on you and takes you away to where the water is so blue, it usually means that he’s trying to GTD (get the drawls), so what’s really going on here? Is it blackmail or the case of three Black males realizing they weren’t as special as they thought themselves to be?

For those of you unfamiliar with Bishop Eddie Long, he is the head of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia, home to 20,000 members. Still don’t know him? He provides spiritual counsel to the likes of Diddy and Usher? Still don’t ring a bell? He’s crusaded against homosexuality and the basis of much of his ministry is masculinity and manhood under the watchful eye of God. Nothing? He’s the one that drives the Bentley and lives in a multi-million dollar home. Yes, that preacher!

If the allegations are true, he will come to further symbolize all that folks believe is wrong with the Black church. However, it could be what is really wrong with many churches. People place so much faith in the leaders of the church that they come to symbolize God in the eyes of some, instead of being a vessel for the Word, love, truth, forgiveness and other important aspects that we should learn when seated next to a big hat. If he indeed fall from grace, no one should have a crisis of faith, because he is only a man, not a representation of heaven on earth. A filthy disgusting man that has abused the trust of his people to the tune of millions of dollars and if these claims stand, a little more than that, but who am I pass judgment? I’ve always been more of a T.D. Jakes man myself…

Get ready, get ready, get ready!

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