The 2010 Year in Review: I'm Disappointed in America...Fantasia for Real

In another attempt to resuscitate a career on life support, we have American Idol season 426 winner Fantasia Barrino trying to garner enough viewers and support to actually have another album released and hold on to what’s left of her career, fortune, fame and family. Have you seen this country nonsense? She has the kool-aid sweet brother that argues with his eyes closed and a family of people with their hand out.

Here’s the real, it’s over for Fantasia, just as it’s over for Ruben Studdard. Black folks love to know our stars put in work, sang background, developed a small following before they blew, and had a song that didn’t quite do it. Not start at the top, that’s just not our experience and our stars reflect that image. Blowing up from an overhyped TV talent show, ain’t gonna get you much more than those 15 minutes of fame and if Oprah has a thing for you, a few coins from a Broadway run. But, there’s only one way to go when you start at the top without the tools to sustain…down! So, go on and get that GED while the cameras are rolling, drop your little records and then fade into the background.

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