The 2010 Year in Review: Burn After Reading

I spent most of today reading Hill Harper's "The Conversation" and I'm right back to where I was before I ever cracked the book, dude is gay, the sooner he recognizes this, the sooner he'll find happiness. But, reading that book and the quick read I did of Steve Harvey's bestseller, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man", led me to believe that Black women will go for fried ice cream. I find it odd that books by celebrity men that haven't maintained successful relationships have registered so well within the community of Black women.

If those books are successful and become fodder for discussion, I can only imagine what my book on relationships is gonna do. I'm just saying, I have everyday issues like you do, go through the same nonsense as the guy you picked up in the bar last week and struggle with commitment, intimacy, trust and traditional roles just like you. So why shouldn't you read what I have to say and throw that all up in your book club or your discussion on the single life?

Oh yeah, I haven't been on television, I'm not 40+ and single, so I can't know what I'm talking about right? Well, take a look at who's typing here, no ghostwriter, just Teef. We've hit the point of no return when comedians and D list actors are writing books that become law on the state on Black relationships. How about a memoir from Ashford & Simpson, can Will & Jada put a column in Essence? At least these are couples with seemingly successful relationships.

I must admit that Hill Harper's book, though a little soft, has the right direction. Steve Harvey on the other hand, stole your money and is continuing to rob people without a gun every time he appears on Good Morning America, Nightline, or any of those other shows plugging that nonsense. I bet there's a follow-up coming and an adaptation for film by Tyler Perry. You might as well pull out the Karrine Steffans catalog and apply some of the techniques she shared. Next thing you know, women are going to be consulting Urban Fiction novels to see how the women in the hood hold their niggaz down!

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