The 2010 Year in Review: For the Lover in You & You & You & You

This year more than others it seemed like the words love, relationships, single, engaged, married, divorced, were all over the place. From Nightline to the bookshelf, these pages to Happy Houtr, everyone was talking about being with someone or in many cases, not being with someone.
I fell victim to the hype and spent much of the year discussing relationships from the perspective I know…a man’s perspective! No, not that I need to sell books or get ratings perspective, I gave you my unfiltered, no-holds barred truth and judging by some of the replies…most of you still can’t handle the truth!

I was looking for some of the same answers, but as always, things are always unconventional with me. So, I created a survey to assess the true wants and needs of a woman, created "The Bachelor's Archive" on, and wrote post after post about what everyone else was talking about, just not what they were talking about.

So, for the happy bachelorette, the unhappily married, the loneley, the depressed, the searching, those who gave up and those asking "Will I ever fall in love?", these are for you...

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