The 2010 Year in Review: I'm Disappointed in America...T-Pain's Toshiba Commercial

Have you seen the new Toshiba commercial with T-Pain? It is coonin’ at its best, something straight out of a minstrel show. I’m not sure who I’m more disappointed in, Toshiba or T-Pain. I guess it’s a check for him and a celebrity endorsement for them. But this is some of the most ignant Nigga shit I have ever seen on TV!

First, he walks into a conference room with a valet that removes his jacket and shades to replace them with glasses and unveil a big ass chain. Next, he’s handed a sandwich that he proceeds to bite while delivering his presentation, saying multi-syllabic words that he’s never used, spilling crumbs all over the laptop. Once he’s done, one of the people in attendance wipes the crumbs and develops a new concept…Nigga proof keyboards!

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