The 2010 Year in Review: Every Word in this Blog's Gonna be About You

Beautiful Artistic Joyful Incomparable Limitless Rational Eternal Sincere Bliss Liberated Revelation Delicate Alive Logical Caring Magnificent Spiritual Compassionate Wise Emotional Protected Kind Special Providence Witty Imaginative Tender Vivid Shining Original Loving Peace Marvelous Genuine Consummate Breathtaking Hopeful Leader Unique Teacher Vibrant Driven Treasure Priceless Lady Understanding Gentle Thoughtful Friend Supreme Poetic Dazzling Resilient Fresh Communicative Thinker Sweet Brilliant Intelligent Free Queen Dreamer Colorful Love Loyal Wisdom Exceptional Blissful Wonderful Exquisite Unquestioning Desire Soulful Lively Dutiful Precious Talented Determined Strong Vigorous Ideal Fragile Beaming Lovely Creative Radiant Exultant Honest Inspiring Forever

Serenity Heavenly Angel Real Extraordinary Air Life Dream Amazing You

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