A View from the Couch: Will Not Thy Presence Yield Relief

New year, new house. New View, new couch. New Teef? Nahhhhhhhhh! But old acquaintances shall be forgotten as I continue this thing called life. I remember bringing 2009 to a close clutching a bottle of vodka and watching R. Kelly’s “Trapped in a Closet”. I opened 2011 in church. What a difference a year makes. Well, it took that year to be different.

It wasn’t as if I set resolutions to do this or do that. I resolved that it was time for me to be better. The same thing I do every year, but I really meant it this time and I put the work in to actually enact the changes I wanted in my life. I easily could’ve said I wanted to get healthier, but it took two surgeries to show me I needed to eat better and stop drinking. Sometimes it takes trauma to be your motivation. I knew I needed to improve my relationship with God, but it wasn’t my intention to get saved…but there I was asking for a change to be made in my soul.

We know what I went through when it came to love, but it was never my intention to end up in a relationship last year, I just wanted to improve my understanding and relationships with women, starting with my mother, and everything else just fell into place. There were no silly declarations like I’m gonna make a million bucks this year or I’m finally gonna buy that Bentley. Even more, I let go of my dreams of finally making that rap CD, some of you need to do the same damn thing!

My point is simple: Change begins with you, if you want it, do it. If not, don’t kid yourself and say what sounds good, just keep being you. Just be careful, because I’m not taking any shorts this year and I will talk about your trifling ass. I’m 32, some of you are closing in on 30 and many more of you have already said “hi” to 40, so you may want to tighten up a bit so you don’t read about yourself in these paragraphs.

So I begin this year like I’ve started the last 32; growing, trying to be a better Teef, putting these words together until they make sense and if they make enough sense, hopefully they’ll make me some dollars. If not, I love my job, I love my mama, I love my woman, I love myself and that’s enough for me…but yall should be afraid of what I’m gonna do next!

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