For Colored Girls Who Consider College when the Checks Ain't Enuf

If you watch BET, TVOne, Centric, Maury or Jerry Springer you’ve seen this commercial before, after or during that damn Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers commercial. It’s the commercial for Everest College with that hoodrat that begins, “Hey ladies, get up! You have to hold the household down right?”, yeah that one. I get a kick out of the commercial, because I know the demographic they’re targeting and I know that many of the folks they’re talking to don’t want to do anything more than what they’re doing when they see the commercial.

But it’s supposed to be motivational, empowering, it’s supposed to spark a paradigm shift and suddenly light a fire under a shiftless booty that leads to enrollment in their institute of higher learning. Speaking of their school...I took a visit to their website and found a couple of interesting items, well, it’s more of what I didn’t find. Everest says they’re accredited, but there’s no indication of which agency their covered by. Even more, there’s no trace of tuition and fees on the site, only mention of a Student Financial Planning. Hmmm? What’s the big secret?
Everest has no issue with paying for these commercials, making claims about taking people from the couch to the payroll, but two major facts are obscured when you’re looking to research enrollment. Everest is a proprietary school interested in making money, more so than most institutions and judging by its target demographic, it is definitely money over education at Everest. On first glance, they’re offering nothing different than what you can find at the community college down the street and the financial aid available pales in comparison to what you can get by attending that community college.

However, the person sitting on the couch at 2pm watching that commercial has probably already tried the C.C. route once or five times and screwed their financial aid and academic status up, so they need an alternative because the checks have slowed down and their looks aren’t getting them as far as they used to. Enter Everest and their inspirational commercials, convincing the chick with three tattoos on her neck that she can work in someone’s office. I can’t knock the hustle of Everest and other schools of their ilk, they’ve struck gold by reaching out to those that have nearly depleted their options and found their savior awaiting paternity tests. I don’t know about you, but when I go to the doctor, I’d like to think my nurse has more than a year’s worth of medical knowledge...

Homegirl from the commercial was given a scholarship, a car and cash from your favorite psychologist Dr. Phil after given living a hard-knock life and having her story featured on his show. Now she’s trying to pull more chicks off of the couch and from holding down the household into the classroom. So empowering! Who needs Oprah when you got the girl from the Everest College commercial saving women who’ve given up on saving themselves...I guess she’s the new Captain Saveahoe! Empire Beauty School is getting their money correct to target the chick doing hair in her mama’s kitchen, but can’t read good enough to pass the State Exam.

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