Do You Know How I Feel?

I can’t wait until February begins and Weight Watchers realizes that most of you have long since given up on your resolution to lose 30 pounds. It is my hope that when the calendar flips, I won’t have to flip through the channels every commercial break because Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers ad airs during every break on every station!

After all she’s gone through with tragic loss of family members her child’s birth and the pressures of being a big girl in a skinny woman’s industry, I am happy that she’s gotten fit and healthy and seemingly done it the right way, but this damn commercial is coming through the walls! I fall asleep and I all I hear is “Sun in the sky, you know how I feel...” and I jump awake believing that it was a dream, but I turn the TV on and there she is. Shoot, I turn the TV off and it flashes back on to the commercial. It’s everywhere, much like the “Hey Love” commercial used to run on BET back in the day.

They’ve even remixed the video, I’ve seen at least three versions: there’s one with just Hudson, another with a sister and one with a White girl, I can’t imagine what’s next. I hope next for Jennifer is an album that I’ll actually listen to and not more weight loss, she’s already small enough and treading into “Oprah head” category along with Kerry Washington. But you know how folks do; they lose and lose or regain the weight they shed in the first place. Time will tell, but one thing’s for’ll gonna see the commercial twenty-six times before you go to sleep tonight! I’m pretty sure Nina Simone is at in a lounge in Heaven next to Marvin Gaye and 2Pac wondering who the hell is getting the royalties for this crap?!?

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