Loose lips sink ships!

Flip Wilson said it in 1974 and now I spit it at yall! However, I’m not talking about folks putting other people’s business on Front St., I talking about the people not following their 5th Amendment right for self-incrimination on the grounds of incompetence, low self-worth and numerous other violations of personal conduct. Yall know those folks I’m talking about, the folks that update their Facebook status and you question why are you still friends with them, on the site and in real life.

It’s really not our business if you believe morning sex is good or if you’re three months behind on your mortgage, but many of us lack the filter needed to stop you from sharing such things or you ignore what you know to be right because you’re starved for attention. I believe it to be some hybrid betwinx the two! Between social networks, iPods, Reality TV, bad parenting and poor decision making, social skills have suffered greatly, so people haven’t a clue of what’s proper, indecent or plainly, too much information!

We spend so much time in front of a computer or glued to our Blackberry’s that real connections are diminishing by the mouse click, so someone keeping it real in your life has been lost to seeing how many folks can “like” an update that says “Men ain’t shi*t!”. Now, I know that’s a sentiment many of you bitter sisters share and you’ve all got a story or ten to tell. But there has to be one amongst you to say, that not all men fall into that category and you may want to figure out why men treat you the way you do before you blanket all of them under the same rug. However, real ain’t real anymore and “likes” and agreeable comments go longer than someone going against the grain and actually having an opinion, so we continue to air our dirty laundry rather than address the issues at the root if it all.

Sure there may be one or three people that offer words of encouragement, a phone number or two for debt consolidation, but many more folks are at their desks shaking their heads or laughing at what they read. I do it all of the time! I can’t believe how far some folks go to draw attention to themselves from the grown ass women giving themselves stripper nicknames and alter egos, the provocative pictures, public spats with significant others and of course the 30-year-old guy that still wants to be a rapper. I want to go back to the days when folks posted Bible verses they’ve never read or quotes they could never understand...the good ol’ days. I have to accept that this is now what we’re calling life, a day-to-day facsimile of Reality Television played out on status updates and photo albums.

And you ain’t gotta “like” this for me to know it’s the truth!

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