Life of the Party

Your party ain’t a party unless red cups are in the building! You know the cups I’m talking about, the plastic joints usually made by Solo that seem to hold just enough drink to get you right in two, maybe three cups. Take a look at any house party, cookout, jam at a whole in the wall and you’ll see a brother getting his boogie on with his right hand held high, trying not to spill any drink on the chick grinding on him or more importantly, his shoes!

I’m not sure how this cup became the #1 pick to hold your drink of choice, though I’ve put my thumb through many a Styrofoam cup, but how red has become so popular is beyond my thinking. I’ve seen blue and gray plastic, but they just don’t have the appeal of the red cup. Maybe it’s the red itself, almost matches with the intent of what’s usually swishing inside, that fire! I know some of you drink juice and soda, sometimes even water out of the cups, but you and I both know when these cups are usually trotted out it’s gonna be some liquor involved. If you’re uncle has one, oh, it’s some Johnnie Walker or moonshine in it. Your aunt? She’s poured her beer in it and your 24-year-old cousin, Hennessey no doubt!

The red plastic cup is a staple in our community like having your uncle living in that tiny bedroom when he should be in a nursing home or people with $60,000 cars living in apartments. Some of you are gonna act a little bourgeois because you frequent spots with pretty martini glasses and have long since left the red cup behind, but I have a half full cup next to me right now, or is that half-empty? I be trippin’ when I ain’t sipping, I need a refill...

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