I'm Disappointed in America: Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada

Let me get this straight: Chad Johnson (I don’t wanna call this grown ass Black man “Ochocinco”) and Evelyn Lozada are engaged? Well congratulations to the two of them! Let’s them wed in holy matrimony and spend the rest of the time on VH1 for all the world to see their foolishness. This is a match made in Reality TV hell and will probably be as poorly scripted as their TV shows.

Chad is fresh off a season of “The Ultimate Catch” in which he was supposed to have found a mate. He cast out the sisters in favor of the lighter skinned women, he chose a woman that I guess really loss when she was winning on television, because he and Evelyn were tweeting frequently with innuendo of a relationship. So, this Rubi chick got some exposure, then kicked to the curb in favor of a “Basketball Wife”.

Didn’t she cry through all of last season about how bad her ex-fiancè did her and how she needed a regular guy who would appreciate her? I guess regular now comes in the form of a $36 million wide receiver who incorrectly changed his name? I ain’t saying she’s a golddigger, but she ain’t messing with no broke niggas! They met on Twitter? This whole thing is laughable! I guess we’ll be watching their romance on VH-1 sooner or later…

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