In Search of...Steadman Graham

Oprah’s shocking confession to Barbara Walters that she is not a lesbian got me thinking, where the hell is Steadman Graham?!? Remember when they were hot & heavy, on the cover of every tabloid, speculation looming over when they would get married or if they were already married? The date was set for 1992 and it never happened, but he would still appear by her side at events, she would gush over him publicly and it seems as if one day they would get married?

18 years later and he’s still not Mrs. Oprah Winfrey, but she’s gotten her ones up over a few billion, but it’s Gayle King that appears everywhere with her now. It is there close relationship and Gayle’s public appearances that leads folks to believe that Oprah is a lesbian. Yes people, there are other people besides me that think Oprah Winfrey is gay. Everything about her screams I don’t like men, but yall choose to be in denial, just like your denying the fact that Oprah hates Black people too.

But I digress…

Where the hell has Steadman been? Getting his money up too! He still has his S. Graham and Associates, his teaching gigs and I’m sure he’s caking up to $10 million a year in hush money to cover Oprah and Gayle’s same-sex union. Oprah claims the couple are still an item after all these years and have a spiritual union, but there hasn’t been a pre-nup invented to get them over the broom. So, he plays the background, Gayle rides shotgun, Oprah gets richer and I angrily watch as she gives seas of White women trips and shoes and shows and shit…I’m disappointed in America!