In Search of...H1N1

Last year folks were walking around in surgical masks like Michael Jackson, running to the doctor every time they sneezed and calling the CDC each time someone coughed in public. Ah, the good ol’ days, that’s the panic caused by last year’s H1N1 outbreak as Swine Flu Fever gripped the nation. Fast forward a year and there’s nary a mention of the virus that was on the tip of nearly everyone’s tongues just a year ago.

It was everywhere; all over the news, alerts floating around your office and mine and the fear reached the pandemic level that the virus never did. Truth be told, we were more succeptible to the common strain of the influenza virus, but the media portrayal of the Swine Flu had us all on the lookout for the Outbreak monkey. Shoot, even I had a touch of the “Swine” and no it wasn’t from eating bacon, but I wasn’t on the verge of death, just a sneeze and a cough, some fluid buildup in my chest, but I’m still here.

I see the occasional mention for pharmacies promoting flu shots, but the mass hysteria that got the country (and parts of the world) in a frenzy last year is nowhere to be found. But you know what is still visible? Those hand sanitizer stands dispensers that are parked everywhere like mile markers. Yup, companies such as Purell, SoftSoap, Dial and others have made a mint on the paralyzation of the American public. Damn, how did I miss the boat on those investments???

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