One Size Does Not Fit All!

You know who are the worst people in the world? Republicans? Nope! Drug dealers? Not even close! Bad drivers in the Walmart parking lot? Close…The worst person around is a friend of a big girl. Yall are dead wrong for letting your girls go out in the outfits you allow. Short skirts, tight shirts. Tights or lack of tights. Shirts that barely cover their bellies or pants that show the entire ass. The worst thing in the world is when the back fat or ass crack seeps out every 33 seconds, for the world to witness and for me to shake my head in disgust at.

The thing is, all of these offenses could be avoided if you were a better friend and were honest with your girlfriend instead of attempting to spare her feelings. I know you believe you’re helping her esteem, but trust me babygirl, there’s a lot more confidence built in to wearing an outfit well than being the person everyone is staring and laughing secretly about. You know your mama raised you to be a better person that that, letting someone you call a friend become the object of ridicule because you didn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her she looked a hot damn mess!

For you plus size women, there’s no good reason for yall to squeeze into these outfits or leave the house looking like you’re wearing your daughter’s clothes. There are stores with nice shit created just for you, sections in the top flight stores designated for you, so cramming yourself in a size 12 at New York & Co. is uncalled for when Ashley Stewart in three doors down! I don’t want this to be misconstrued, there is nothing wrong with being a big girl, as long as you’re wearing it well and with confidence, but trying to fit your wide load into a large panty at Vickie’s really isn’t fair to the man you reveal your G-14 classified material too.

I know you’re sitting at your desk saying I’ve gone too far, but think about it, either you’re the big girl in the little girl jeans or you’re the friend that’s always shaking your head internally when your girl asks, “How do I look”? Either way, you’re not right, so do the public a service and tell your girl, “You know your stomach’s too big to be wearing a shirt that small!” before yall hit the spot tonight. Trust me, we’ll all win this weekend, I want have to see your goodies spilling all over the place and you may find a man that’s trying to see your goodies spill all over the place!

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