If Steve Harvey is Speaking for Me...Remixed

If you purchased either of Steve Harvey’s books you’re an idiot and deserve to be single, bitter, miserable, and lonely and can’t find a date on E-Harmony.com! Yeah, I said it! The self-proclaimed “relationship expert” has both of his gators planted firmly in his mouth with his latest comments on CNN. The best-selling author (and I use that term loosely) told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield that men and women can’t be friends, he went even further by telling her that he has no female friends.

I get it, men are driven purely by our carnal desires, so our ability to maintain healthy friendships with women is only a masquerade for the hope that one day in the next twenty or thirty years we would be able to knock your boots. What type of elementary thinking is that? What does it say about him that he’s incapable of having a friendship with women? Is it that he can’t trust himself? That’s his own cross to carry, but to blanket the rest of us by saying that 99.9 % of men fit in this same category is immature and his theory is completely undeveloped, but not unfounded.

There are a great deal of brothers preying on the naïveté of women by playing the friendship angle to get the drawls, but to reduce all male/female interpersonal relationships to being one drink away or one lonely night away from sex is disrespectful to the millions of men and women that sustain platonic friendships. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I have a slew of female friends that make my skin crawl if I get too close to them, because it feels so wrong to have that type of contact with them. These are women that I’ve known for years in many cases, some of the most intelligent, beautiful, down to Earth and well put together women I’ve ever known. The kind of women guys troll these clubs for, but to me, they’re nothing more than my friends and that wouldn’t change for anything, because of the value we place on our friendship.

Maybe that’s the issue with Steve Harvey and that 99.9% cut from the same cloth as him; they don’t value women enough to consider the possibilities of them beyond romantic companionship. Through the years I’ve had some of my most candid conversations with my female friends and the feedback I’ve received has been extremely helpful and carried with me a long way. Come to think of it, Steve Harvey doesn’t have any female friends…if he did, he would’ve stopped wearing those tacky ass suits and rugs long before he did!

But that’s neither here nor there, because you guys continue to support his ignorance and have put him at the top of best-sellers lists and a lot of duckets in his pocket…I think it’s time I write my book about relationships, what do you think?

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