Guest Blogger: Why Can't We Be Friends?

When I first caught wind of Steve Harvey’s comments concerning friendships between men and women, I immediately thought of my partner-in-crime from Hubbard Middle School, T. Burnett. Twenty years ago (damn we’re old), she and I would crack jokes about people all day, every day. When reconnected through Facebook and Twitter, we realized that nothing had changed, we still like to talk about what we see, but we do it differently these days. So I gave her a penny for her thoughts and she gave you her two cents, check it out…
Once again, the self proclaimed 'relationship expert', Steve Harvey has stirred up more controversy by suggesting that men and women can't be friends. Although in this case, I must say, I agree. Why can't we, as men and women be friends? Here's why.

As women, single or married, we are territorial by nature. It’s caused by our emotional need to be caring and nurturing. We put our time and effort into this friendship, only to have someone else reap the benefits? Unacceptable. Call it insecurity if you'd like, but that is because you probably haven't experienced being territorial just yet. Ladies, let's be real, if you have a good friend and you set them up with someone, as soon as your time gets cut in half by the other person, that ugly, green-eyed monster rears its head. There's no turning it off at that point. Admit to yourself and your friend that you want more than a friendship. It is inevitable. What we thought was a genuine friendship has turned into a deep desire to love and if we're lucky, be loved back.

Although I am not a man, I feel confident in saying that much of an attraction to a woman stems from the physical. Even when the intention is nothing more than being just friends. Once a friendship is established, there may be a barrier that exists, such as a boyfriend, husband or a boss/subordinate situation. But men, can you honestly say that you haven't thought at least once a day, "I'd sleep with her if...?" Of course you have. It’s human nature. If there's a change in her situation and an opportunity presents itself, you're game. As soon as the boyfriend or husband slips up, you as the 'friend' slide right in. It's not necessarily a good thing, but it's convenient for both parties at the time.

We all view the opposite sex as sexual beings before anything else. Hell, with impaired judgment, those existing barriers would be a mere afterthought. If there was no danger in crossing these lines, men and women would be able to carry on platonic friendships. The reality is, it's just not so. What say you?

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