Tales of the Tuesday Nothin’…Again!

Instead of enjoying the SVU marathon today as I plotted before noon yesterday, I'm sitting at my desk trying to perfect my busy look as I read news reports about the passing of two people that have gained legendary status in separate arenas of our culture, Dorothy Height and Guru.

Height, one of the driving forces behind the Civil Rights movement passed at age 98. Think about that, 98 years, she has seen the nation near its worst rise through the most tumultuous times, witness the prideful expression of the 70's, saw Reaganomics and crack destroy the work of the great ones in the 80's and witnessed the dream deferred partial arrival on 11/4/08. She really lived a full life.

In Guru's 43 years he rose from Boston's Roxbury to the top of hip-hop alongside DJ Premier as the group Gangstarr and released a few classic albums in hip-hop circles, as well as the innovative Jazzmatazz series. Guru had a long battle with cancer, before cardiac arrest moved him into a coma last month, before he passed yesterday. He lived a short life.

So here I am pushing through near exhaustion to make it through a day of which I'm not a fan, with millions of thoughts running through my head, but at the front of my mind is 5:00pm. However one thought has pushed its way forward, as Mama used to say…live your life!

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