Getting Fresh Like Easter!

Happy Easter to those of you who do that sort of thing! How many of you have on a new outfit? As a child I never understood why my normal church clothes weren't good enough for Easter Sunday, why did I have to get a white suit, with white shoes to match (thanks Ma!)? I just figured it was a holiday, so it was only right and like most things grown folks did, I didn't question it as a child.

However, as an adult, I need to know what the tradition of getting Superfly fresh on Easter is about? I know it's a Baptist thing that much I do know, but why? Did someone down in North Carolina go out and buy a new hat one year for service and everyone followed suit the next year, how does something like this spread? Easter is about the miracle of resurrection; maybe being dipped for the day is symbolic. Yeah, that's it, being in something new is symbolic of your renewal in the eyes of Christ.

But as usual with Black folk, we go too far, spending half of the light bill on that one-time outfit. The brothers go to the Bishop Magic Don Juan haberdashery and get fitted up in some candy colored suit with now & later gators and cane to match. Little girls in up in pink frilly dresses and poor little boys wear white suits and those faggoty white shoes (yall don't know nothing about A Raisin in the Sun)! Well, time for me to throw on my teal suit and hit the bars in Trenton like I went on it to service today…

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