Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

I woke up today and the number of subscribers doubled overnight, I guess "Ain't You a Woman?!?" had a little something to do with that, but whatever the cause, welcome to The World According to Teef. Now that you're here, you'll have to learn the way of the land and some of the goings on around here. First, if someone referred you to this blog, they should've warned you that I take no prisoners and everything and everyone is fair game. There's a good chance that you'll be offended by something you've read (possibly by the end of this blog) and I hope you learn that the discomfort is ok, because it puts your brain to work, that's the goal. I don't wake up and look to piss people off (everyday), but I do aim to challenge people to think differently, a little more or to just think, I'll point out the constellation, but you'll have to connect the dots.

You'll find that I am a hater of a few things (Tyler Perry, Reality TV, Pop music and Oprah), I'm disturbed by people who don't read, women with low self-esteem and fellas that refuse to grow up (cut the damn cornrows!) and I have been boycotting of BET for what will be 10 months Friday. Also, I tend to say the "N-word" often, though I've curbed my enthusiasm of its usage a bit in recent months. Everything else you'll find out as I reinterpret what you see on a day-to-day basis and drop it on the 1!

Those of you that have been along for the entire ride may have noticed that the blog has changed slightly and that's because my approach to life has been altered somewhat. I'm still the baddest, lowdown, mofo around since Sho'Nuff, but I've been working on some things and what you've read since January 1st has been reflective of that. With that said, be careful of what you do, because the next blog I write might be about you!

Now to define a little of what you'll get on a consistent basis around here:

I'm Disappointed in America: This series is dedicated to some of the junk that we're fed as entertainment or lifestyle today and my rants against it. There's a good chance that one of your favorite pastimes or guilty pleasures will find your way into this category, that's ok, I'm working on you…
In Search of…: These are dedicated to celebrities that have fallen off and my S.O.S. to them.
Who Stole the Soul: This is all about my distaste for the state of Black music.
The Hump Day Song of the Week: My weekly selection aimed at getting you over "the hump" and headed towards your weekend.
80's Babies: My occasional flashbacks to a time when things were much simpler (for me).
The Summer Rules: My yearly set of dos and don's as the mercury and level of ignorance increases to nearly unbearable levels.
Memoirs of an Insomniac: The reason this all got started in the first place, my scatterbrained musings on nights when my chronic acute insomnia goes has me watching Penitentiary II at 3:30am

Aside from those common recurrences you'll read criticisms on government, find trailers for upcoming movies, recommendations for books and Broadway shows, memorialize fallen icons, wax poetic about pop culture and dig into you favorite hot button issues of the day. Oh yeah, there's quite a bit of talk about relationships going on too, but I don't fancy myself an expert or anything, I'm just a guy that's been in a few situations and has a lot to say…

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