In Search of…Chris Brown

The most forgiving people of all have not forgiven one of its babies or at least it seems that way. After each of his first two albums sold over 2,000,000 copies, Chris Brown's has barely made it 300,000 sales since it was released on December 8th. The dancing machine has taken to Twitter, radio and anyone to listen to say that he's being blackballed by radio and retailers in retaliation for his domestic violence issue with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Maybe he just made a wack album? Maybe folks weren't blinded by his dancing ability and realized the boy really can't sing? Perhaps his core group of fans have matured and fallen in love with Trey Songz? I'll go for all of the above, the music isn't too good, his vocals never were and Trey Songz' R. Kelly rip-offs seem to be en vogue nowadays, plus folks seem to still be a bit bent out of shape over the way he laid the smack down on the good girl gone bad.

We've forgiven worst ladies and gentlemen, OJ, Michael (pick one, Tyson, Jordan, Jackson), Whitney and don't forget R. Kelly did pee-pee on a little girl, but we stepped in the name of love. This boy hasn't reached his 21st birthday yet, so let's give him a chance to grow and learn from his mistakes, then make some good music.

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