Ashes to Ashes…

Another month and another natural disaster, actually two, there was a devastating earthquake in China, as well as a volcanic eruption in Iceland that's left much of Europe's airspace filled with ash and grounded planes the world over leaving tens of thousands of people stranded in airports and hotels. President Obama couldn't make it to Poland for the funeral of the fallen President, and Whitney Houston was forced to take a ferry to travel to her next concert stop (pretty sure concertgoers wish she didn't make it) and participants for tomorrow's Boston Marathon up in the air about reaching the starting line in time.

These are strange days we're living in, religious zealots will tell you these are the last days, but I like to say strange. It seems as if other day that you turn on the news or pick up the paper, thousands have been displaced by Mother Nature, a far more frequent pace than I ever remember. In between those stories we have the senseless acts that the best "Law & Order" writers couldn't think of and it's all topped by the weatherman's Russian roulette forecast.

When you look at it that way, I guess I can see why people say they don't like to watch the news or read the papers. But I can't subscribe to that way of thinking, I need to be aware of the world I'm living within, need to have bits of information to keep me informed, so I don't have the dumb look when someone tells me something that's headline news. That's where I'm lost, how can folks be so oblivious to what's happening before your eyes, like it doesn't affect you at all?
There's none so blind as they that don't see - Swift

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