Ciara: Found & Lost

It was just last week that I sent a search party out to find Ciara, now I'm almost sorry that her S.O.S. was recognized, because she's back and her new song is the pits! Have you seen her new video "Ride"? Instead of taking singing lessons or finding good material over the last year, it's obvious that homegirl was in the gym and trolling ATL's strip clubs for new moves. The song is bad, but she's half butt naked, gyrating and grinding like she's waiting for her "Sponsors" to make it rain!

I guess after that last flop, she's gotten even more desperate and decided to get even sexier than she was in the "Love Sex Magic" video with Justin Timberlake. The lyrics suggest that "he" loves the way she rides the beat, the video suggests that we'd love her anywhere else but a song. She's almost 25 now, so I guess she's asserting her sexual independence, seems like all of her goodies are gone! But the songs gonna be a hit somewhere; most likely with teenage girls and grown men at $2 Tuesday!

Check the video out for yourself…

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