As a Child I was Told that My Love was King

But this ain’t no Sade song! Have you heard The Dream’s new song “Love King”? This is by far among the laziest attempts at a song I’ve ever heard. It sounds like I’ve heard this song at least nine or ten times before from him, maybe it’s that same piano key in the background, maybe it’s the phrasing, but it is definitely his wack songwriting. I thought he was retiring or something? I guess someone has to bring home the bacon since Christina Milian isn’t exactly churning out hits these days.

I know someone is thinking that many of Al Green’s songs sounded similar because of the horns, but The Dream ain’t Al Green and with lyrics like “I got girls in heels/Girls in Adidas/Tracy, Kim/Tameka, Fatima/Got girls on the Nuvo/Girls on Patron/Girls on that Belvedere/Pay me for the song/Got girls on my Sprint/My AT&T/Got girls on T-Mobile /Metro if it's local” it sounds more like a bad rap song than R&B, but you probably diddy bop to it on your way to the job or at happy hour…man who stole the soul?!?

Watch & listen to this crap...

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