The Questions

You stay up long enough and some of the craziest thoughts start to run through your head, I have to make sure I'm not on the edge of insanity, so I wanted to share a few things that have been running through my mind:
  • Who the hell did Arnold Schwarzeneggar run against to become Governor of California? Gary Coleman?
  • Where are the guys that made "Whoomp, There it is!"?
  • Do little girls still jump double dutch?
  • Whatever happened to Sandra from "The Cosby Show"?
  • Can a man be a relationship expert? Seriously?
  • Have you realized how bad a movie Penitentiary II is?
  • Penitentiary and Penitentiary III for that matter as well?
  • Where is Leon Isaac Kennedy?
  • When they do sample polls, who the hell are they asking, because I never get asked my opinion?
  • Did Pepa ever break her four years of celibacy?
  • Also, how did Joumanna Kidd go from the prayer circle with Salt to talking about cutie runs with Pep?
  • Do people really understand the quotes they post as their Facebook status?
  • Do people really think The Dream is talented?
  • Does Iron Man 2 look wack to you?
  • Why is "New York Undercover" so wack to you now, but you can watch "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" for an entire weekend and not get bored?
  • Have you ever drunk texted the wrong person and they were down for whatever?
  • Did I miss the memo; has the USPS stopped delivering on Tuesday?
  • Were all of Steven Seagal's movies bad?
  • Can I still grow a high-top fade?
  • Ever find yourself wanting to slap somebody at work…everyday?
  • Will Denzel ever be as good as he was in Training Day?
  • When was the last time you listened to Gregory Abbot's "Shake You Down"?
  • Is anyone else jealous that White folks can seemingly eat pork without overwhelming fear of long-term health risks?
  • Who was the first Nigga to eat chicken & waffles?
  • Why does every woman that's had her heart broken once or twice think she can write a book? I'm just saying, it worked for Terry McMillan, but you can barely read…
  • Does anyone want to cook me breakfast?

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