Celeb Rehab

So you mean to tell me that I can cheat on my wife, say I'm addicted to sex, go to rehab and she'll stay with me? Every Black woman reading this just gave the screen that "Nigga please!" look. That's that new "S" aka that White people stuff. The new trend that's hotter than botox and white women with fat booties is sex rehab! Tiger Woods, David Duchovny and the most recent inpatient Jesse James have been admitted to various clinics for sex addiction, all in the wake of being caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Well, not exactly, Duchovny was caught with his hands on himself and Tea Leoni filed for divorce!

A man saying he's addicted to sex is like a fish saying it loves water. Men are addicted to sex from the time we turn 11 and it's something that we just can't turn off so easily, I mean we find ways to channel that energy, but it never really strays far from the mind. However when you use addiction as a copout because a few White women start snitching about affairs that just ain't cool, and gives the disorder a bad name. I don't really know who Jesse James is or what he does aside from being Sandra Bullock's husband but when those women started coming out of the woodwork, he ran to rehab and left Sandra to pick up the pieces, days after she won an Academy Award. The greatest moment of her professional career was crushed by the man that promised to forsake all others and then he ran like a coward, hiding behind the guise of a sex addiction.

Tiger did the same thing when his golf course full of women popped up in a tabloid a day, after he spent a few million in hush money of course, but he took cover in the serenity of an intensive program in Mississippi. He emerged a refocused Buddhist and a calmer, gentler man on the golf course; we'll never know what's happening between him and Elin.

Famed addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky ran a season of Sex Rehab on VH1 last year and showed the struggles of real sex addiction, as these cases had gotten so severe that it tore at the very fabric of the patients and made the day-to-day activity of life nearly impossible as some were unable to work, didn't seek work or their work fed their addiction. So, if Tiger's addiction was really as bad as he led on, wouldn't his stroke (pun intended) had suffered? I guess Buddha blessed him…

See you guys in 28 days!

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