No Country for Old Men

At some point within the next 90 minutes or so, Roy Jones Jr. and Bernard Hopkins will step into the ring for a rematch sixteen years in the making. Yes, that is not a typo, after 17 years, they have finally agreed to fight again. The only problem is, they have both said hi and bye to 40 and no one really wants to see this fight anymore.

But, it's about to go down, for money, for pride, for ego and for Bernard Hopkins to exorcise a demon for long ago. Roy Jones was set to go down as one of the greatest fighters ever, but he stayed around too long and started getting knocked the F out! B-Hop has aged like fine wine, but with a boring style that has made me fall asleep for far too many rounds. That is a bad combination!

I don't know anyone that's ordered this fight and like a Black Eyed Peas album, no one is going to claim to have purchased it. But somewhere, in someone's living room, a group of boxing fanatics are huddled around a television rocking baggy jeans with "Ready to Die" playing in the background, anticipating this fight like it's 1995. Maybe these geezers will have a double knockout and take each other out of their misery.

*Update* Bernard Hopkins won by unanimous decision in what has been described as a boring fight, with brief moments of excitements and Roy Jones fighting a little dirty. The 45-year-old Hopkins saw spots before his eyes starting the 12th round and Jones was lethargic the entire fight according to observers. Both fighters were taken to the hospital after the fight in sure-shot signs that they need to call it quits. I hope they do, because I never want to see either of them in the ring again.

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