In Search of…John Singleton

Where have you gone John Singleton? After debuting with your intimate portrait of South Central LA Boyz N the Hood, you went on to direct other hood classics like Higher Learning and Baby Boy. You even made it possible for Tupac to slob down Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice. Yes, Rosewood is forgettable, but you gave Shaft a new life. I forgive you for 2 Fast 2 Furious, I know you were trying to get our paper right, but you redeemed yourself with Four Brothers. But where have you been since?

I know you're no longer attached that A-Team movie, but what's going on with you? I know Hollywood hasn't taken your soul? Your movies gave the hood breath and provided depth into characters that were for too long just nihilistic caricatures of what the streets produced and society ignored. We need that view returned to the screen, we need more Black films, check that, we need more good Black films, that other guy is dropping trash twice a year and Spike seems to be pre-occupied with bringing epic stories to us.

Say it isn't so; the rumors are that you abandoned the hood flicks for greener pastures. Please prove those bloggers wrong John Singleton. I can understand wanting to branch out, but you received Oscar nominations for your most honest work, don't forget about the hood. I know the lure of the millions they offer is hard to resist, but can you not forget about me Mr. Singleton, I need to see myself on the big screen too. Have you sold out Mr. Singleton?

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